Life Of Mian Mir

Life of Hazrat Mian Mir

About Mian Mir

Al-Sheikh Mian Muhammad Mir Qadri R.A

Mian Mir came to Lahore, from Sivastan, Sindh, at the age of twenty five, after having been initiated by Sheikh Khizr Qadri and with the latter`s approval,for attainment of higher knowledge in the Islamic code of Sharia't-Fiqqah-the Islamic Jurisprudence.He passed his days staying in different mosques in Lahore.For sometime he stayed at the madarasaa-school of Maulana Sayyedullah,a man of great erudition,the school dated back from the days of Emperor Akbar.Here Saien Mian Mir received distinctive appreciation over his fellow students for his better intellectual progress.

At Lahore ,Mian Mir kept visiting the graves of the noted Sufi Sheikhs to live up to the Sufi traditions and expostulation of Sharia't.He passed days'in the gardens and jungle around the city,in his contemplative mood in the best tradition of the ascetic Sufis.He would sit in Khalval-seclusion, for meditation, undisturbed,yet he would remain conscious of Sharia't obligations.He would join for Namaaz on scheduled timings in jamaat-congregations,in some nearby mosque.He was,as a devoted person,very keen to live up to the routines of the Prophet of Islam,as laid down in Maulana Huriar's Kitaab- ul-Eimaan,portraying some significant events of Prophet's life. Mulla Sayeed disclosed to Dara Shukoh about Mian's telling him how he would go out side from the city in a direction for meditation, in seclusion,to a vacant house.He kept using the place for fifteendays.Later he found that·He could no longer concentrate in meditation,there.He told Sayeed,"I planned to leave the house and find some other place for meditation. Nearby,on a well,there lived a saqqa-water carrier.He knew of my schedule for meditation.When I was returning home,the saqqa stopped me on the way and enquired the reason for my leaving the place.On my unfolding the reason,he said that the house was occupied on the night before by a marriage party who polluted the house with their Lahev-o-La'ab-iodecorous merrymaking.I was assured that sensual festivities can pollute even a distance place in the forests." On the validity of the Hadith which states that the dead cultivate affection with the living,Dara Shukoh in his Sakinat· ul-Aulia(p.130),narrates an event when one day Mian jeo with his spiritual associates and ad isciple Mulla Khwaja Kalaan had assembled in a congregation for meditation in a graveyard, Khwaja Kalaan who had been granted the grace of listening and understanding the language of the dead in the graves,asked Mian jeo if he could listen to the voice of the dead from the grave beside.Mianjeo asked."What is the dead saying?"Khwaja Kalaan.after a muraaqba-that is a deep supplication.replied.''The dead says.that be wonders why even when a meditative congregation of Allah's dervishes is beside his grave,his sufferings of the grave persist."Mian jeo asked Khawaja Kalaan to find out from the dead as to what would he desire to be done for his freedom from the pains.After apause.Khwaja Kalaan replied."The grave dweller desires that a swaab-grace of the recitation of 70,000 Kalma Tayabah be recited for his release from the tortures of the grave." .Mian jeo and congregation mercifully recited the Kalmaa accordingly and the swaab thereof was dedicated to the·grave dweller.The dead thanked for his release from the tortures.